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Guangshen Railway Company Limited is mainly engaged in railway passenger and freight transportation between Shenzhen and Pingshi running vertically through Guangdong Province and certain long-distance passenger and freight transportation services. The Company also operates the passenger transportation service of Hong Kong Through Trains together with MTR Corporation Ltd in Hong Kong. The Company provides integrated services relating to railway facilities and technology. The Company is also engaged in commercial trading and other businesses that are consistent with its overall business strategy.

Passenger transportation is the principal business of the Company. Taking the economic efficiency as the core and keeping market-orientated, the Company maintains good order and pleasant environment both in the stations and on board with up-to-date service principles and transportation facilities to make Guangshen Railway a safe, comfortable, fast and convenient means of passenger transportation between Guangdong and Hong Kong. “Guangshen Railway”has been a brand well-known both in China and abroad for its high quality services. 

The Guangshen Railway operated by the Company is strategically located and links with major railway networks in China, including the Beijing-Guangzhou Line and Beijing-Kowloon Line as well as the Kowloon-Canton Railway.

The operation of the inter-city high-speed trains between Guangzhou and Shenzhen is undertaken with CRHs, which provide top-quality passenger services in China with sophisticated facilities as well as cozy and elegant cars. The CRHs are operated by international practice every 10 minutes a pair on average, thus the “As-frequent-as-buses” operating model has been achieved thanks to the convenience and speed of the trains.   

The long-distance passenger train services provided by the Company connect and integrate Guangdong Province with other parts of the country, making possible the extensive exchanges in the fields of economy, culture and politics, etc.

The Company has a vast and advanced marketing network. Online booking system is introduced in each station, through which the passenger, at any station, can buy tickets of long-distance trains departing at any other station of the Company. The ticket halls of stations between Guangzhou and Shenzhen are equipped with Ticket ATM, which enable passengers to buy tickets with cash and bank cards. Ticket offices are also set up at hotels and downtown areas. Meanwhile, passengers can reserve tickets by telephone and enjoy delivery service provided by the Company. Passengers can also take the trains by directly using their ICBC-Guangshen Railway IC cards or Guangshen Express cards.