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Freight transportation is one important business of the Company. The Guangzhou-Pingshi Railway within the jurisdiction of the Company is the southernmost section of Beijing-Guangzhou Line, a trunk line of the national railway networks, and occupies a pivotal position in the freight transportation market with ever expanding businesses. The Guangzhou-Shenzhen section is closely linked with Guangzhou Port in Guangzhou, Yantian Port, Shekou Port, Chiwan Port and Mawan Port in Shenzhen.  

The Company is well-equipped with various freight facilities and can efficiently transport full load cargo, single load cargo, containers, bulky and overweight cargo, dangerous cargo, fresh and live cargo, and oversized cargo. The Company enjoys competitive advantages in transporting freight for media to long distances in the PRC.

The Company has established several large-scale freight yards to meet the demand for freight transportation services due to economic expansion in the Pearl River Delta and central and northern Guangdong. In order to increase the clearance capacity for the import and export businesses between Guangdong and Hong Kong, the Company has established the Import and Export Commodities Monitoring Yard of Shenzhen North Freight Port, the first wholly-closed customs-only monitoring yard in China, in cooperation with Shenzhen Customs.  The Company provides computerized ticket booking service and insured transportation in freight service to improve efficiency and ensure the safety of goods.